biographical brief

     A child of the heartland, Ken Sheffer was born and raised in rural towns of Kansas and Nebraska. He trained in mathematics and physics -- and surreptitiously in art -- at the University of Kansas where he received a B.S. degree in 1959. Continuing with graduate studies in math and physics at the University of Kansas and the University of Colorado, he taught briefly before joining the aerospace program of the 'Sixties, where he worked on various rocket development programs including a joint NASA-Atomic Energy Commission project at Jackass Flats, Nevada (that's really the name) to develop a nuclear-powered rocket engine for manned missions to Mars.

     From aerospace, Ken moved into the rapidly growing large-scale computer industry where eventually he became an international emissary for a Fortune 500 computer manufacturer, travelling to many distant and exotic lands. After more than twenty successful years in the computer profession, Ken found that he could no longer resist what had been his principal interest from the time he was age two: making art.

     Now residing comfortably in the hills of San Dimas, California, Ken works in his home studio at developing ways of expressing visual poetry with oil on canvas. His work has been shown in a number of galleries, from Los Angeles to San Francisco. He also teaches, and he writes on the subject of global ethics.